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The HAAS Universal Pack offers you the ultimate mix of brushes to leave your horse's coat with a brilliant glossy finish. This great mix of brushes are suitable for all coat colours.

The HAAS Schimmel brush - A strong bristle brush made from a mixtures of tight, strong coconut fibers. Particularly useful for grey or white horses as it is excellent for removing stubborn stains.

The HAAS Military brush - A strong horse hair brush gives a thorough cleaning effect as is effective at removing dust.

The HAAS Parcour brush - A mixture of grey and black horse hair to give a super cleaning effect.

The HAAS Cavaliere brush - A pure, high quality robust mane and tail horse hair brush for great cleaning results.

The HAAS Lippizaner brush - A horse hair mix brush with a contrast 'H' shape of black, offering gentle cleaning, removing dust and giving a gloss finish.

The HAAS Fellglanzburste brush - Light, soft, thickly woven horse hair gives a "pampering effect", very effective for sensitive horses and your horses head.

The HAAS Diva Exklusive brush - A lambswool centre bordered with soft horse hair gives the ultimate glossy finish.

Haas Universal Pack

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