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The Liveryman Classic is a lightweight, cordless trimmer with a rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion battery. Weighing just 290 grams, this is a very comfortable trimmer to use and the ergonomically shaped handpiece has a stylish metallic red finish.

It has a high efficiency brushless motor with 10,000 hours lifetime, with a clipping speed of 5500 double strokes pe...r minute.

The Classic will give you an impressive 3.5 hours of clipping time on just 2.5 hours charge. It can be charged using the charging stand supplied or it can also be charged and operated directly from the mains using the adapter cable.

The sharp ceramic blade is titanium-coated and the cutting depth is adjustable from 0.8mm to 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 2mm.

A really versatile and easy to use clipper, ideally suited to light duty clipping and trimming sensitive areas around the head and ears. We love the design and colour of this clipping set and the option to use it as a cordless or mains clipper is really useful. It's also small enough to get into all those hard to reach places and the adjustable blade means you can achieve a really professional result with your choice of cutting depth.

Suitable for horses with light to medium density coats.

Liveryman Classic Trimmers

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